Buzzwords appear seemingly out of nowhere and once they’ve settled in they can be hard to avoid.


As a society we’re in love with emojis. The little symbols that lend a little emotion to our increasingly text-based lives are one of the fastest growing forms of communication. You can watch in awe at their real-time use to underscore the fact.


My communications career coincided with the digital revolution which means I’ve never had to send a fax or cut out clippings from a print publication, and I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve stuffed media kits. However, I have curated countless digital media kits by burning CD’s, loading USB keys or building microsites. Media kits have evolved as the Internet has changed...


With hundreds of network options leading to thousands of possible combinations, selecting the right network for your news release distribution can be overwhelming. Then why not just blast your release everywhere? Not so fast – targeting your release the right way can increase your pick-up potential and help you meet your goals and objectives.


You have all your news release ducks in order: a killer headline, solid sub-headline, an engaging story to share, and now you’re ready to get it out on the wire.


If it seems like you’re swimming in data these days, you’re not alone. More than ever, PR pros are turning to analytics to gain insight into current campaign performance, to help design new strategies or to measure end results. But are you using your charts and spreadsheets to your best advantage, or are the numbers distracting you from your real goals? In this two-part series, we asked...


Great PowerPoint presentations can feel a bit like albino humpback whales – you know they exist but it’s highly unlikely you’ll get to experience one for yourself.


In a recent article for the Globe and Mail, Susan Krashinsky writes: “The idea that marketers need to treat Québec as distinct is nothing new.” As pointed out in part one of this series, The Importance of Communicating in Multiple Languages, most marketing experts agree that Québec is a distinct market segment complete with its own consumer attitudes and buyer behavior.