What is Agility and How Can it Help Your Company?

Feintuch Communications is an award-winning strategic relations firm, with decades of experience developing and implementing successful PR programs for their clients.


The challenge they faced was meeting the diverse monitoring and targeting needs of their clients, who range from emerging companies and non-profits to Fortune 500 companies.



Feintuch Communications needed a media monitoring system as well as a targeting platform that would allow maximum workflow and ensure that their media lists were current and updated automatically. Therefore they turned to Agility, the PR and communications workflow platform from CNW to meet their needs.  

Through the single integrated interface, the Agility Platform from CNW allows users to:


  • Streamline monitoring for topics generating buzz
  • Target key contacts
  • Build focused lists
  • Share their message through the industry’s largest network
  • Engage with influencers
  • Report on the effectiveness of programs and campaigns


The Agility platform allows Feintuch Communications to research and build databases as well as distribute their message all through this single, integrated program. From their dashboard, they can send a press release to a targeted media list that they have researched and built to meet the specific needs of their client. They can also send the same release to the global network of CNW and our parent company, PR Newswire, all with one click.

Just some of the benefits of using the Agility platform include:


  • An easy to use single, integrated dashboard
  • The monitoring function allows you to chart each client along with specific topics
  • Listening for and evaluating trends for each client can also be easily done with the  monitoring system
  • Integrated media targeting allows you to research and build your own specific database for each client
  • Research and discover thought-leaders and influencers in a specific area or industry
  • Distribute your message to your targeted media lists
  • Distribute your message through CNW’s and PR Newswire’s global network
  • The distribution function allows clients that don’t use a wire service to distribute to a wide audience
  • Measuring and Reporting the success of campaigns and programs is simple with CNW’s Visibility Reports


For a look at the full Agility Platform case study and to see Agility in action for Feintuch Communications, download from CNW’s knowledge Centre today. 

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