Although PR professionals are gaining competency in social media metrics and measurements, our efforts can be hampered by unclear terminology. We explore two of the most confusing measurement terms - engagement and reach - and determine how they can be measured effectively.

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To help bring you up to speed on all things measurement, we've compiled our best tracking and measurement content for 2015.


In our recent webinar, Why Metrics are Key to Getting a Seat at the Revenue Table, Ken Wincko, SVP, Marketing, PR Newswire, Chris Albert, SVP, Digital and Social Research and Analytics, Ketchum and Sharam Fouladgar-Mercer, CEO and Co-Founder, AirPR shared their professional insights. Our speakers outlined ways that PR professionals can prove ROI to the C-suite using metrics.


In our recent webinar, Get Credible: The Role of Earned Media in Inbound Strategy, Christopher Penn, Vice President, Marketing Technology, SHIFT Communications shared his professional insight and tips on how PR professionals can highlight and harness earned media potential. Spenn identified four steps that will help companies optimize their earned media.

4 Tips for Measuring Multimedia in Public Relations

James Breen joined the #measurePR Twitter chat to learn more about measuring the success of multimedia content. Here are the main trends of the chat:


Public relations now has the ability to drive sales and growth and ultimately, revenue through more platforms than ever before. However, PR needs to be more vocal about the role it plays in driving demand, sales and profits. How can practitioners successfully demonstrate their essential skills to corporate executives? Here are three reasons why PR should matter more than ever to an organization


Public relations professionals have been using a wide array of metrics to show the ROI of their efforts to senior management. But with so many to choose from, where should you focus? Here are five metrics you should be using to measure the performance of your news release:


There are several reasons why connecting your traditional PR with social media in a consistent measurement format has not been adequately completed. It can be done, but is it done efficiently? Here are three reasons why measuring traditional and social content is currently undesirable.