7 Metrics to Demonstrate ROI to Clients

In order to fully embrace this advance in measurement tactics, it is critical to decipher at the early planning stage, which metrics should be deployed during evaluation.


If you’re looking to build brand awareness and boost revenue, ensure public relations activity is part of the budget. Today’s marketers should consider PR as a secret weapon for attracting customers, driving demand, and growing sales and profits.

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With advances in technology, marketing and PR professionals now have the tools to track the habits and behaviors of consumers online. So, what metrics should PR practitioners utilize?

Six Tips for Measuring Your News Release Success Across Multiple Channels

With a multitude of distribution channels available today, an increasingly popular trend for PR practitioners is to measure strategic goals by channel. Consider including these tips in your measurement plans to ensure successful implementation of metrics.

What Metrics Matter for a CMO-

There is a new pressure on CMO to provide CEOs and CFOs with measured, quantifiable results of the Marketing department’s efforts. With a variety of marketing metrics and monitoring tools available today, the challenge has been that CMOs need to ensure they are focused on the right data and metrics....


Let’s put these 10 social media myths to rest once and for all.


Although PR professionals are gaining competency in social media metrics and measurements, our efforts can be hampered by unclear terminology. We explore two of the most confusing measurement terms - engagement and reach - and determine how they can be measured effectively.

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To help bring you up to speed on all things measurement, we've compiled our best tracking and measurement content for 2015.