4 Tips Before You Pitch

Pitching media over e-mail is more of an artform than a science. Taking some extra time to make sure you have all your bases covered before making contact is key to getting the pickup you’re aiming for. Fortunately, PR professionals have a lot of resources to help make sure their pitch is a success. Here are some recommendations to check off before you hit the send button.

Worthy on the Web - Sept 2015

September we hardly knew you. This back-to-school month always seems to sweep past, fuelled by the energy of fresh resolve, the delight of new projects and in this case, a total eclipse of a harvest moon that added exciting multimedia assets to the first days of fall. Also, squash! But what are the stories that sucked us away from our to-do lists and dragged us deep into the interwebs this month?

Give Up the Nounspeak

Sometimes smart people are the worst. At writing, that is. In their attempt to sound intelligent they bore their readers with clunky, passive statements that do little to convey their message, no less their intelligence. Dr. Michael Sider, assistant professor, Management Communications at Ivey Business School talked to us about why this happens, and what smart people should be doing instead.

Three Things Every Good Wire Service Does for You1

You’ve made the right call: you’re planning on using a wire service to get your message out. But with a wide range of offerings out there, how do you know you’re getting good returns on your investment? You could just jump in blindly, but before you do, here are three important things a good service will do for you—so make sure wherever you turn, your provider is doing these...


Buzzwords appear seemingly out of nowhere and once they’ve settled in they can be hard to avoid.


As a society we’re in love with emojis. The little symbols that lend a little emotion to our increasingly text-based lives are one of the fastest growing forms of communication. You can watch in awe at their real-time use to underscore the fact.


My communications career coincided with the digital revolution which means I’ve never had to send a fax or cut out clippings from a print publication, and I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve stuffed media kits. However, I have curated countless digital media kits by burning CD’s, loading USB keys or building microsites. Media kits have evolved as the Internet has changed...


With hundreds of network options leading to thousands of possible combinations, selecting the right network for your news release distribution can be overwhelming. Then why not just blast your release everywhere? Not so fast – targeting your release the right way can increase your pick-up potential and help you meet your goals and objectives.