Comms Crisis Part 1

It’s sunny outside, your phone isn’t ringing off the hook and life is good. Time to cruise, right PR friends? No, it isn’t! At any moment, your life can flip upside down in the maelstrom of a sudden crisis! The good news is that you can get much of the work done in advance during calm seas with a little upfront planning. And, if you do this ground work early, you’ll have a...


As the lines blur between marketing, social media, PR and corporate communications, a master document that outlines initiatives from each of these portfolios is not just a nice-to-have, it’s a must to keep teams on the same page and ensure you are producing (and promoting) timely and targeted content.


In my last post, Planning for Video Success – Part 1: The Ground Work, I looked at how you can plan for video success by laying a solid foundation through production planning, messaging and selecting the right spokespeople. So now your video has been produced, how will you unleash it on the world? Having a distribution strategy is essential to video success.

Third Tuesday Toronto kicked off its 2010 series with a full-day Measurement Matters conference last Tuesday, September 28. The event covered a number of measurement-related topics from how to set-up a social media command centre to how to show your social media ROI — a panel featuring CNW’s own Charles Funk, Director of Product Management, MediaVantage.

Planning is the secret to producing high-quality, effective multimedia assets that get noticed – and shared. Applying the basics of strategic communication planning to your multimedia assets can help ensure your message is heard, loud and clear.

Planning and research is an essential part of the communications lifecycle. Regardless of what tools you use to gain insight to analyze trends in thinking or other patterns among your audiences and stakeholders, it’s important to scrutinize the basics.