Don’t panic just yet – you’re not quite late. But do consider these tips before you press ‘send’ on that holiday pitch.


Pitching is both a science and an artform for PR professionals. Many journalists receive hundreds of e-mail a day, so you need to stand out from the crowd with an eye-catching headline and a newsworthy hook. There are many ways you can steer clear of a journalist’s trash folder. We look at 5 big mistakes PR and marketers may make when pitching journalists:


Beyond the Wire is dedicating a number of posts to our PR 101 series. These posts, dedicated to small businesses or those who are just beginning their marketing and PR journey, will cover how you can get started with tips and advice on topics such as social media, digital marketing, public relations and SEO. This week, we are looking at the art of pitching. With tips and advice from some of the Canada’s...