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While the effects of getting caught in a fake news cycle can be devastating, there are ways you can protect yourself and your business. And it all starts with a good PR strategy.


Whether you are targeting an actual Irish audience or just the Irish-at-heart, consider these points to give your marketing campaign an authentic and accurate Gaelach touch.


Many marketing and PR teams choose to build a stand-alone website as a way to share all the links and multimedia assets related to a news event or marketing initiative. But thinking beyond the planning and producing of multiple campaign assets (on time), and packaging it all together as a website (on time) can seem like an impossible task. Creating a one of these sites, sometimes called a digital...


Like any outsourced group, translators need the right kind of information to help PR and marketers deliver their messages accurately. To help you save time and money while gaining credibility with your audience, we asked our translation team for a few tips on navigating the translation process.


We asked April Rashad, graphic designer at Cision for her thoughts and advice on making the most of your brand’s colour palette.


Angela Sterritt is an award-winning Gitxsan journalist, artist and writer, from British Columbia. Sterritt has worked as a journalist for close to twenty years and has been with CBC since 2003. Her reports have appeared in the Globe and Mail, The National, CBC’s The Current, and various other national and local news programs.


An unprepared media spokesperson is a disaster waiting to happen. Journalists told to get a story will do just that, whether or not your spokesperson has anything useful to add. Ensuring your spokesperson is informed, prepared and comfortable in a media interview is essential pre-planning. While most interviews are usually professional and pleasant exchanges, it’s always useful to prepare for...


An unprepared or untrained spokesperson can be a ticking time bomb for your brand. The company spokesperson represents the voice and personification of your brand, so it’s imperative that they be informed, prepared, trained and knowledgeable. This extends to the media contacts listed on your news release or website; are they ready?