If you’re dealing with a good newswire service, the following perks should be included.


PR and marketers commonly track their social media mentions and engagements, but how much actual listening is happening? Just because your handle or hashtag hasn’t been used doesn’t mean something valuable to your brand isn’t being discussed.

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Video is an investment in time and effort that is important to get right. There are steps to follow that will differ project by project, but which are each essential to success.


To provide a smoother experience for everyone involved, we asked our Creative Services team what clients should know before consulting a video production team.


In a recent Cision webinar, Rio & Zika: Managing Communication Challenges, James Rubec, Content Strategist at Cision and Peter Land, Managing Partner at Finbury discussed the impact of the Zika virus on the recent Summer Games and provided best practices for crises at events. No matter the size of your next event, here are seven essentials for success.

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Although your tactics and metrics will change depending on the desired outcomes and business goals of your client, here are some examples of how you and your team can use data to optimize your PR program.


Here are a few ways that you can optimize your social media content for search and SEO.


At this year’s World PR Forum, Canadian CEOs from McDonald’s Canada, Ford Canada and TIFF discussed the challenges and rewards of being a part of a larger, international brand. Here are some of their thoughts on branding and communications in Canada that PR professionals can apply to their own organization.