To achieve maximum reach and awareness, communicators need to consider SEO potential as they draft each piece of content. Whether it’s a news release or tweet, each URL adds value to your brand. Google rankings rely on a host of factors; three of them being different link types. Wait, there’s more than one kind of link?


It haunts the dreams of content marketers everywhere that as much as 82% of content shared on mobile, is dark social. Is it some malicious hacker activity? If you are unfamiliar with the term, dark social can sound a little suspicious, but it simply refers to social sharing that web analytics tools cannot track.


Beyond the Wire has created a new series of posts dedicated to debunking the myths & misconceptions that surround marketing and PR activities. Let’s quash these six content marketing myths once and for all.


Following the success of our post, 10 Myths About Social Media, Beyond the Wire has created a new series of posts dedicated to debunking the myths & misconceptions that surround other marketing and PR activities. Today’s post focuses on the myths that surround news releases and their distribution.


Beyond the Wire has created a PR 101 series of posts dedicated to anyone just beginning their marketing and PR journey. Today’s post focuses on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and explains how to kick-start your content’s SEO with easy and actionable tips.


Have you met Alan Carter, Co-Anchor at Global News Toronto, Queens Park Bureau Chief and Host of Focus Ontario?


In a bid to widen your current audience and customer database, you need to reach new users. Although some loyal and interactive customers may share your content which will increase your potential audience, this will not guarantee increased readership or click-throughs. To get that guarantee, you’ll need to promote your content and that will likely require some coin. CNW and the Content Marketing...

Quality Content Cook-Off

Sometimes you’re just starved for ideas. Whenever we are, we just have to look to our Bestie-from-Baltimore, Jamie Heckler. She’s a three-star Michelin chef when it comes to dishing out visually satiating content. Over the summer she put out a series of comprehensive blog posts examining content creation as if it were being cooked up in an actual kitchen.