On March 7th, The Canadian Journalism Foundation hosted a ‘J-TALK’ about the Harassment of Women in Media. A panel moderated by Piya Chattopadhyay, host of CBC Radio’s Out in the Open, included Heather Mallick, columnist at the Toronto Star, Manisha Krishnan, VICE.com Canada’s senior writer, and Janet McFarland, business reporter at The Globe and Mail.


While many saw 2016 as a troublesome year, reflecting back I would have to say that the time was good to CNW and Cision.

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This week, we’re introducing the latest news release upgrade: Choice!


With more than 9,500 image views, the campaign’s news release outperformed their previous releases by more than 200%. To view the results of this creative, multimedia-centric campaign, download the case study from our Knowledge Centre today.


It’s a multichannel world. But as customers have become more connected across channels, communicators have become more disconnected.

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Journalists will now consider how your content will play out across all different formats and so a multichannel pitch is often your best option when pursuing earned media coverage.


It is no great surprise that writing a captivating headline is crucial to driving the engagement of your content. So why are these words causing our headlines to perform so badly? The study suggests that it’s partly because these words trigger our human “spam filter” to kick in and ignore the article. So if you are truly terrible at creating engaging, catchy, must-click-on headlines,...


If you’re dealing with a good newswire service, the following perks should be included.