It isn’t a tweet, a newsbite or factoid; it’s a news release. And it’s your story. Here is how you can tell it


It’s time to go back to the basics; keep these three news releases best practices in mind when writing your next release.


How to understand and make news release analytics work for you.


Journalists are more prepared today to engage in a digital-first environment and they see sponsored content and native advertising as less important than last year. This presents a huge opportunity for brands to tell newsworthy stories in a variety of formats; by doing so, they can use content as a tool for building brand credibility and thought leadership, educating and entertaining their audiences...


Such a high-visibility opportunity to tell your company’s story requires employing thoughtful tactics to win quality media coverage.

PR FakeNews - highlight

While the effects of getting caught in a fake news cycle can be devastating, there are ways you can protect yourself and your business. And it all starts with a good PR strategy.


It’s that time of year when CNW channels its inner curmudgeon and cautions its customers against issuing prank news releases on April Fools’ Day. We do this for a few important reasons...


On March 7th, The Canadian Journalism Foundation hosted a ‘J-TALK’ about the Harassment of Women in Media. A panel moderated by Piya Chattopadhyay, host of CBC Radio’s Out in the Open, included Heather Mallick, columnist at the Toronto Star, Manisha Krishnan, Canada’s senior writer, and Janet McFarland, business reporter at The Globe and Mail.