On March 7th, The Canadian Journalism Foundation hosted a ‘J-TALK’ about the Harassment of Women in Media. A panel moderated by Piya Chattopadhyay, host of CBC Radio’s Out in the Open, included Heather Mallick, columnist at the Toronto Star, Manisha Krishnan, VICE.com Canada’s senior writer, and Janet McFarland, business reporter at The Globe and Mail.


Planning and execution are important processes for IRO professionals.


While many saw 2016 as a troublesome year, reflecting back I would have to say that the time was good to CNW and Cision.


We took a look back at some of our year’s best content to help IROs streamline their communications planning in 2017:


In our new whitepaper, The Evolving Role of Investor Relations in Competitive Intelligence, we spoke with Canadian investor relation experts about the role they play in intelligence gathering as well as how and why they use competitive intelligence


I had the great opportunity to moderate a recent panel at the TSX Ignite event in Vancouver. Alongside Eric Bukovinsky, principal at Yaletown Venture Partners, Michael Goehring, vice president at NATIONAL Public Relations, and Michael Gokturk, founder and CEO of Payfirma, we focused on the best ways to pitch your story or business to investors in hopes of gaining access to their capital.


It’s a multichannel world. But as customers have become more connected across channels, communicators have become more disconnected.


Investors are hungry for information about your company, particularly if they have a large stake in your success. Yet the days of mailing massive annual reports to each investor are long gone: websites and SEDAR, the online filing system, have taken care of that.