The Cision Canadian Social Journalism Study has a lot of insightful, actionable data about how journalists use social media and their perceptions of social tools. In this post, I want to discuss the study’s insight into how journalists use social media: specifically, that publishing, distributing and promoting content are key drivers of social media use and activity. PR professionals and marketers...


As Cision celebrates 150 years of heritage, we took a look at where we came from, which goes far beyond what anyone imagined.


Developing a successful content marketing strategy means collecting and implementing important feedback. But with all the noise coming from every angle and platform, it can be challenging to know what exactly you need to pay attention to. Here, we identify five sources that can prove invaluable to you in crafting your content.


When censorship and fear are used to stamp out press freedom, this is dangerous for all of us. Here’s why brands should care.