If you tell your brand’s story well, it can have a significant impact. If not, you can confuse and lose customers.


Mark Schaefer explains how brands can listen to their influencers more effectively.


Competition for attention and business has never been fiercer…ever. Your competitor is no longer the shop down the street or even a contender in your home state or country. They are stealing your lunch from the other side of the world.


If you had to guess, how long is the average person’s attention span? Five minutes? One minute? Maybe 10 seconds?


You can’t use customer feedback to improve your operations without listening. And in an increasingly noisy world, we need to listen harder than ever. Here’s how.


Here are a few ways you can remove the boundaries between business and philanthropy, to help create the big picture.


It isn’t a tweet, a newsbite or factoid; it’s a news release. And it’s your story. Here is how you can tell it


While not all press is good press, the more earned media coverage you receive, the more likely you are to be noticed and remembered by your target audience. Here are four instances when you should consider going off-message.


There are social conversations happening all around us, and people aren’t just talking about what they had for breakfast anymore.


Some people like just peanut butter on their sandwich and some people like just jelly; but when you put them together, that’s where the magic happens. It’s the same thing with social media and PR.


Travel season is here and for those of you in the travel PR business, there are countless opportunities to tell your story to travel journalists, bloggers, influencers – and consumers. But how do you reach the always-on-the-move travel media?


Ken Wincko, SVP of Marketing at Cision and PR Newswire, explored three fundamental questions that every Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Communications Officer should be able to answer about their communications strategy.