Alicia Bell has devoted her life to helping people reach, achieve and succeed their fitness goals. On top of her 10+ years of practical and educational experience as a trainer, Bell both blogs and vlogs about fitness and nutrition trends and routines.


An active online contributor since 2002, Casey Palmer writes about the world around him, and no topic is off limits. To celebrate Black History Month, Palmer is sharing the story of a Black Canadian person each day in February as part of his Tales from the 2.9 project, which strives to transform the biases toward Black Canadiana by giving a voice to everyday people.


After selling their business and wrapping up all of life’s loose ends, Tim and Nat Harris began sharing tales of food and culture on their blog, A Cook Not Mad.


Torontonicity blogs daily about events and fun things to do in Toronto, including festivals, concerts, restaurants, bars, shopping, theatre and sports recreation. Here’s what we learned about the blog’s creator and editor, Lori Bosworth.


Named one of Vancouver’s Top 30 Mom bloggers, Jean Lomas-Hamilton writes about parenthood, identity, food, and home life in general. We thought you might like to get to know her a little better.


On Aneta Alaei’s blog, Home With Aneta, she happily shares the realities of parenting her four children. What began as a blog created to keep and share family memories has quickly become a hub for other parents to share their stories. We spoke with Aneta about her typical workday, favourite blogs, and what tips she has for PR pros.