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In addition to giving media easy access to your materials, an added benefit of the digital media kit is the double-duty it can serve as a campaign microsite. You’ve worked hard to create a dynamic campaign that includes photos, videos and social media elements; now you want to get the most out of it by reaching multiple audiences.

Back to SChool

Looking back, the first week of September was always a terror-filled experience for me. Just how much had fallen out of my head over the warm months? Did I even know how to write essays anymore? Did everyone jump ahead with summer courses while I ate candy? Was this going to be the year I finally came to terms with the fact I’d never be able to speak French? In time, all but the last one would...

What PR Needs to know about search

If you’ve ever watched very young kids play soccer, you’ve seen them swarm after the ball, moving blob-like from point to point, occasionally tapping the ball in one direction or the other. Sometimes it feels like SEO works the same way: we travel together hoping to score, looking at where everyone else is going, occasionally giving up, lying on the grass, staring at the sky and asking,...

WOTW Aug 2015

So summer is over, more or less, but we’re still wearing flip flops off-hours and that counts for something right? In other good news, it’s time for our monthly round-up of things we found, read and “liked” online as we clicked and curated our way to September.

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Samantha Kemp-Jackson’s Twitter bio describes her as the “frazzled mom of 5,000 kids.” While the math is a bit off – she has four kids ranging in age from elementary school to adult – the fact that she manages motherhood and a full-time career is impressive, never mind the fact that she is also a parenting writer for Huffington Post Canada, blogger at Multiple Mayhem...

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Sometimes the news that circulates on social media is just too much. It is at once too much by way of frequency and quantity, but also too much information: too many details shown or described, too much analysis, and too many “takes” by too many people.


In a veritable sea of marketing and media messages, multimedia can help your story stand out from the crowd. Including visual assets such as photos, videos or infographics are almost guaranteed to grab attention – news releases that include multimedia enjoy increased visibility, while videos and photos posted on social media are shared more often.


What you thought was the perfect news releases failed to deliver a media frenzy. Head on desk, you ball up the release and take aim at the recycling bin. Stop. You’re only partly right. You should recycle the release – but, in other ways.