Beyond the Wire has created a new series of posts dedicated to debunking the myths & misconceptions that surround marketing and PR activities. Let’s quash these six content marketing myths once and for all.

Is Your News Release -Social Ready--

To make sure you stay current, you need to participate in the right social media channels for your business and ensure your news release is “social ready”. Here are five tactics for socializing your news release.

Five Benefits of Brand Monitoring

Brand monitoring offers a multitude of benefits to an organization, such as helping it extract important insights from the vast amounts of collected data. Here are just some of the benefits of brand monitoring:


Globe and Mail journalist Carly Weeks has reported on everything from federal politics to the high levels of sodium in the Canadian diet. Read what Carly has to say about her role, how she works and what she likes best about her job.


The primary goal for any content marketer is to generate leads. The process starts by creating compelling content -- easier said than done. Here are a few tips for writing effective evergreen content:


If you’re looking to build brand awareness and boost revenue, ensure public relations activity is part of the budget. Today’s marketers should consider PR as a secret weapon for attracting customers, driving demand, and growing sales and profits.

Metrics cover pic

With advances in technology, marketing and PR professionals now have the tools to track the habits and behaviors of consumers online. So, what metrics should PR practitioners utilize?

Its Time to Rethink Public Relations.

It’s time to rethink public relations. Here are three ways you can reignite your PR strategies and tactics.