There isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” social media strategy for brands just as we don’t all think the same things are funny. Here are a few questions worth asking to determine where your brand should sit on the sass spectrum.


After selling their business and wrapping up all of life’s loose ends, Tim and Nat Harris began sharing tales of food and culture on their blog, A Cook Not Mad.


To ensure your email newsletter gets VIP status within your audience’s inbox, consider these points before you hit send...


A veteran broadcaster with 20 years of radio and television experience, Jeff McArthur prides himself on knowing how to engage and inform his audience. He co-hosts Global's The Morning Show, andjoins Matt Gurney and Supriya Dwivedi for candid conversation on developing stories through the morning on AM 640.


As the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) wraps up this weekend, Canadians have their eyes glued to the technology beat. These Canadian reporters and influencers are keeping their attention.


Around the turn of the last century, with the internet in its infancy and social media an embryonic concept, the crisis communication industry relied upon well-established core principles, with their focus on traditional media: “Bad news sells” so expect aggression, guaranteed coverage, a feeding frenzy of questions, misinformation and rumors.

Cover_social media trends

The future of social media is unpredictable and while no one knows exactly where 2017 will take us, here are some of the major trends we’re watching.


Here are some of the content marketing tips we picked up this year that will serve you well in 2017.