Publishers are running content on more platforms than ever, meaning social and digital strategies are integral to a media organization’s success. We spoke with Alberta Venture’s Jim Kerr to gain a better understanding of his role at a magazine immersed in the new media landscape.


For small businesses first starting out, it can be hard to justify hiring a PR company to help build your brand. However, a big investment doesn’t have to be your only option. We look at five ways for cash-strapped companies to boost brand awareness. case study engaged the services of PR Newswire, CNW’s parent company, to drive additional awareness about new content and promote their new offerings to key influencers, in order to increase visibility and drive revenue.


Beyond the Wire has created a PR 101 series of posts dedicated to anyone just beginning their marketing and PR journey. Today’s post focuses on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and explains how to kick-start your content’s SEO with easy and actionable tips.


Torontonians were both puzzled and intrigued when a hockey rink appeared atop a 32-storey office tower in the Financial District last month. As the story began to go viral, speculation was that a beer company was behind the publicity stunt. But the mystery didn’t last long – Molson Canadian soon announced the rink as part of its annual #AnythingForHockey campaign. Here are a few ways that...


Have you ever had a customer pick up a product in your store, inquire about the price, browse the store, before eventually putting the product back and leave without ever making a purchase? Should you run after them, product in-hand, shouting out all the product benefits? Or maybe you should re-appear when they’re in another store, looking at a similar product, and distract them with your product?...


Throughout the long, dark journey of January we curated our way down many a social stream, clicked every link, read all of the articles, watched a dozens of videos and streamed more than one Bowie tune through earbuds at our desks. Here is a mere snippet of what we found worthy on the web in January.


As a marketing or PR professional, you will more than likely have experienced a growth in your duties and responsibilities. If you find yourself nodding your head under all those hats you’re now wearing, this post is for you! Here are ten of the best free tools and online applications that will help you streamline your daily activities.