Cover Engaging the Media

When it comes to media relations, who better to learn from than journalists themselves? Here are few things worth considering before you pick up the phone or send that pitch email.

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Although your tactics and metrics will change depending on the desired outcomes and business goals of your client, here are some examples of how you and your team can use data to optimize your PR program.

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CNW experts have identified the three steps you should take to encourage successful collaboration between corporate communications and demand generation.


Social media marketers know engagement doubles for tweets that include them, but like any communications tool, hashtags must be used effectively. Here are some best practices for being handy with hashtags.


Here are a few ways that you can optimize your social media content for search and SEO.


Publishing a daily or weekly blog can be challenging all on its own as it requires valuable time and resources that many PR and content marketing teams no longer have. Timeliness aside, blogs must be interesting, compelling and useful in order to gain and maintain readership, which will often place communicators in a constant state of “writers block.” Here are five best practices for generating...

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In order to reach this customer and engage them, marketing professionals need to rethink their communications and demand generation strategies. Here are some tips to help you develop a marketing communications plan that speaks to Buyer 2.0.

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Your distribution channel should align with your message and your targeted audience. CNW explored why.