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According to recent research from Outsell Inc., commissioned by CNW and PR Newswire, earned media is eroding the growth of paid media.


As Vice President of Information and deputy editor for La Presse, Éric Trottier is heavily invested in the way journalism is shaped by new media, especially as La Presse has shifted its focus towards digital publishing. With much optimism, Éric shares his thoughts on journalism today along with some advice for PR folk.


Everyone knows how important it is to have a correct and current media list, but keeping it updated is a task that always seems to fall by the wayside. Media lists need to be ready at a moment’s notice. Here’s how to keep your media list in tip-top shape all the time.


To perform best, your content should be tweaked for suitability on each platform. A savvy marketer will include “adapt content” as a tactic within their distribution strategy to allow their message to cut through the noise and reach their targeted audience in just the right way. Let’s take a look at the best practices for adapting your content to individual social media platforms.


To grow your audience and engage potential customers, you need to reach people outside of your current customer base. Here are eight proven tactics for writing and distributing a news release that actually drives traffic.

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Following CNW’s best practices can help your company develop a successful PR strategy that makes the most of all the benefits PR has to offer.


At this year’s World PR Forum, Canadian CEOs from McDonald’s Canada, Ford Canada and TIFF discussed the challenges and rewards of being a part of a larger, international brand. Here are some of their thoughts on branding and communications in Canada that PR professionals can apply to their own organization.


Interesting things are happening at CNW! Just a few short years after CNW was acquired by PR Newswire, PR Newswire has been acquired by Cision. This means that CNW is now a Cision company.