As a Managing Editor, Dawn Walton lives in the moment, making (and remaking) decisions all day long around editorial priorities, breaking news and trying to be ready for what comes next. In the midst of her busy schedule, Dawn was kind enough to pause for a moment and reflect on her role for Beyond the Wire.


One of the most important (and difficult) aspects of launching a new product is product naming. It often involves Product, Marketing, Product Marketing, senior management, sales leadership and (often) a liberal amount of hurt feelings and crushed dreams for those involved.


Spring 2016 conferences are putting out their calls for speakers right now. You have a terrific story to tell, but you’re procrastinating on submitting your outline. Why? What are you afraid of? As it turns out, about 60 to 75% of us are terrified of public speaking. We’ve compiled some easy do’s and don’ts to help you shine your brightest in front of a crowd


When it’s time to round up those earned media mentions to measure campaign success, tell me, does every outlet actually matter? The answer will vary, depending on whether you’re a marketer or PR professional.


Social Media has become vital to any marketing and communications strategy and with so many platforms available, creating social content and maintaining your social media presence is a full time job. In fact, it can often require a team of people. Many small and mid-sized businesses do not have the resources to staff a full social media team, so they tend to bestow social media onto one person, who...


Successful communications and marketing campaigns can no longer depend on maximum distribution in order to be successful; they must also have compelling content that their audience will want to consume. The attention span of our consumer is decreasing, so we must grab their attention and keep it with desirable content. PR professionals can enhance the content you create by following these three best...


In PR Newswire’s most recent event, “Content Meets Innovation: Engage with the Influencers” Ken Wincko, SVP of Marketing at PR Newswire, was joined by Steve Rubel, EVP/Global Strategy and Insights at Edelman, Fiorelli Salvo, Senior Communications Manager at Mashable, and Dori Fern, Digital Strategist at MXM to discuss how organizations can navigate the shift in content consumption...


Publishing a daily or weekly blog in itself can be difficult and often consume valuable time and resources that many PR and content marketing teams don’t have. Timeliness aside, your blog must be interesting, compelling and useful in order to gain readership. This can often leave marketers with “writer’s block.” Here are 5 best practices for generating blog ideas that can help...