These days, it’s incredibly rare for communicators to create any content without multimedia. From social media to news releases and blog posts, visual assets can dramatically increase your brand’s visibility in a crowded marketplace both online and offline.


A new whitepaper from CNW, Listening: Turn real-time media channel insights into communications action plans, examines the power of listening, the fundamental basis of any social listening program as well as specific examples of what your organization or brand should listen for in its existing audience.

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According to Business Insider, shoppers interacting with UGC are 97% more likely to convert with a retailer than customers who do not. That’s a pretty good reason to incorporate UGC into your communications strategy.


What’s up for 2017? Advertising agency sparks & honey takes a few good guesses within the recently released A-Z Culture Glossary of 2017: The Trends You Need to Know to be Relevant. This annual list is packed with pop culture possibilities for the year ahead; last year’s Glossary achieved a prediction accuracy of 80%. We couldn’t resist taking a look at some of the predictions...


When two-thirds of Canadians are pocketing a smartphone, mobile-friendliness should be a top priority for anyone with a website or with responsibility for digital content. If your website is not easy to see and navigate on a phone or tablet, you’re cheating yourself out of an enormous potential audience.


Torontonicity blogs daily about events and fun things to do in Toronto, including festivals, concerts, restaurants, bars, shopping, theatre and sports recreation. Here’s what we learned about the blog’s creator and editor, Lori Bosworth.


To achieve maximum reach and awareness, communicators need to consider SEO potential as they draft each piece of content. Whether it’s a news release or tweet, each URL adds value to your brand. Google rankings rely on a host of factors; three of them being different link types. Wait, there’s more than one kind of link?


Like any outsourced group, translators need the right kind of information to help PR and marketers deliver their messages accurately. To help you save time and money while gaining credibility with your audience, we asked our translation team for a few tips on navigating the translation process.