Many marketing and PR teams choose to build a stand-alone website as a way to share all the links and multimedia assets related to a news event or marketing initiative. But thinking beyond the planning and producing of multiple campaign assets (on time), and packaging it all together as a website (on time) can seem like an impossible task. Creating a one of these sites, sometimes called a digital...


If you’re a nighthawk or use the news to wind down from the day, you’re probably familiar with Antony Robart. The news anchor and host can be seen weeknights across the country at 11p.m, covering major local, national and international stories.


This week, PR agency Edelman Canada unveiled its “Trust Barometer,” which aims to educate media, businesses and government on the status of public trust. Given that 2016 was largely considered the year of “post-truth,” it’s unlikely that many will be surprised at this year’s results.


Planning and execution are important processes for IRO professionals.


With the year-long Canada 150 celebration now underway, CNW and Cision decided to see how engaged Canadians are with this milestone anniversary.


Communications professionals know that media impressions and clippings alone are not the truest measure of a PR campaign’s total value. Today’s PR pros pull in myriad elements from multiple sources to tie their efforts back to revenue, and convey the real return on the investment of their work.


In a recent webinar hosted by the Canadian Marketing Association in partnership with CNW, “Brand You: Building Your Personal Brand,” Paralympic Gold medalist Benoît Huot shared his best practices for building a credible and recognizable personal brand. “A strong personal brand can drive your career by opening up professional opportunities,” he said. Here are a few of...


An active online contributor since 2002, Casey Palmer writes about the world around him, and no topic is off limits. To celebrate Black History Month, Palmer is sharing the story of a Black Canadian person each day in February as part of his Tales from the 2.9 project, which strives to transform the biases toward Black Canadiana by giving a voice to everyday people.