This week, Cision released the results of their 2016 Canadian Social Journalism Study, which highlight social media’s evolving role within the Canadian media landscape. This report groups respondents into five categories of social media users. Each has specific opinions and observations on the role that social media plays in their jobs — they also have key demographic differences. Let’s...

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C-level engagement in branding is essential to determine how best to drive interest in your company. These are the three questions you need to ask.

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Earned media coverage can be tricky for even the most experienced and accomplished communications specialist. With these best practices from former reporter Brett Simon, you can increase the possibility of landing third-party editorial coverage of your story.


In a recent webinar from the Canadian Marketing Association and CNW, "Surrounding The End Customer - Creating A Consistent Message" Gary Edgar, Principal at East End Digital shared how companies large and small can create an omni-channel strategy. Here are a few of his best practices.


On Aneta Alaei’s blog, Home With Aneta, she happily shares the realities of parenting her four children. What began as a blog created to keep and share family memories has quickly become a hub for other parents to share their stories. We spoke with Aneta about her typical workday, favourite blogs, and what tips she has for PR pros.

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Communications professionals are born with that special something – the gift of the gab, the art of persuasion, a natural talent for expressing their ideas. But for some reason when it comes to communicating ideas for visual campaigns, conversations with designers can be a little – shall we say challenging.

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By supplementing your digital marketing activities with PR content and metrics, you can enhance your digital marketing strategy.


This webinar will share these success factors in detail to give you a better understanding of how to develop great content that resonates with your buyer.