Here are a few ways that you can optimize your social media content for search and SEO.


Publishing a daily or weekly blog can be challenging all on its own as it requires valuable time and resources that many PR and content marketing teams no longer have. Timeliness aside, blogs must be interesting, compelling and useful in order to gain and maintain readership, which will often place communicators in a constant state of “writers block.” Here are five best practices for generating...

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In order to reach this customer and engage them, marketing professionals need to rethink their communications and demand generation strategies. Here are some tips to help you develop a marketing communications plan that speaks to Buyer 2.0.

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Your distribution channel should align with your message and your targeted audience. CNW explored why.


Here are some tips to keep you on the pulse of your industry and top of mind with your audience.


This is not the first time we have discussed the importance of multimedia and it probably won’t be the last; we simply cannot emphasise enough just how impactful adding that video or image along with your content, truly is.


PR and marketers often rely on a balance of short and long-form content to grab their audience’s attention. Long-form content, however, requires more planning and can become overwhelming and complicated if put together at a moment’s notice. To keep your content marketing on track and in tip-top shape, consider following these four simple steps:


In the white paper, Generating Content Discovery with Syndicated Distribution, CNW experts share tips on how content marketers can generate discovery by publishing “non-news” content through their traditional and social PR channels.