If it seems like you’re swimming in data these days, you’re not alone. More than ever, PR pros are turning to analytics to gain insight into current campaign performance, to help design new strategies or to measure end results. But are you using your charts and spreadsheets to your best advantage, or are the numbers distracting you from your real goals? In this two-part series, we asked...


You’ve created a fantastic transmedia communications campaign. It’s been unleashed on the wire, all of your corporate social channels and you’ve even crafted the perfect pitch for your media list. All the boxes are ticked for a successful campaign, right?


As a communications professional you know that integrating multimedia into your communications is a must for cutting through clutter and capturing audience attention. But how many times have you been dissuade by thinking well-executed visual storytelling is the exclusive domain of big-budget consumer brands like WestJet or Tim Hortons? Push those thoughts aside!


Crafting the perfect pitch can be daunting, especially when 69% of journalists spend less than a minute reading them. That’s why choosing the right journalist is crucial to a PR campaign’s success. But with an influx of outlets and journalists to choose from, it can be hard to determine the best storyteller for your client.


Communications professionals understand the importance of monitoring their organization on traditional and social channels. Having access to timely information is critical to planning and executing an effective communications strategy – hence the investment many corpcomm teams make in comprehensive monitoring platforms. The cost of media monitoring tools can vary in price based on the number...


This week CNW hosted The Communications Evolution in Calgary and Vancouver. The event featured speakers drawn from media, IR, communications, marketing and PR and was designed to inspire communications professionals from all disciplines to integrate their campaigns for optimal results. Our speakers shared lots of great tips and tricks for firing all cylinders to capture audience attention and drive...


There are so many decisions involved in developing a PR strategy and smart organizations are increasingly relying on experts to help inform those decisions. The stakes are high; a bad media pitch or a fumbled news release could easily cause more harm than good.


One of the most important facets of a news release is also one of the most overlooked: the headline. In a world where journalists, bloggers and online audiences are bombarded with news releases, tweets, videos and other content, your headline needs to tell your audience why they should click right away.