This week CNW hosted The Communications Evolution in Calgary and Vancouver. The event featured speakers drawn from media, IR, communications, marketing and PR and was designed to inspire communications professionals from all disciplines to integrate their campaigns for optimal results. Our speakers shared lots of great tips and tricks for firing all cylinders to capture audience attention and drive...


There are so many decisions involved in developing a PR strategy and smart organizations are increasingly relying on experts to help inform those decisions. The stakes are high; a bad media pitch or a fumbled news release could easily cause more harm than good.


One of the most important facets of a news release is also one of the most overlooked: the headline. In a world where journalists, bloggers and online audiences are bombarded with news releases, tweets, videos and other content, your headline needs to tell your audience why they should click right away.


Great PowerPoint presentations can feel a bit like albino humpback whales – you know they exist but it’s highly unlikely you’ll get to experience one for yourself.


The classic image of a reporter usually includes a spiral-bound notepad, a pen or two and maybe a beige trench coat. Today News 1130 radio reporter Anita Bathe is also juggling two phones and an audio recording device along with her pen and notebook. When she’s in the field she’s recording audio and video, posting to Twitter and filing stories all at the same time!


In a recent article for the Globe and Mail, Susan Krashinsky writes: “The idea that marketers need to treat Québec as distinct is nothing new.” As pointed out in part one of this series, The Importance of Communicating in Multiple Languages, most marketing experts agree that Québec is a distinct market segment complete with its own consumer attitudes and buyer behavior.


Last week CNW and PR Newswire hosted our Going the Distance: How to Find Your Blog’s Focus and Avoid Blogger Burn Out webinar with Alicia Hansen, Monina Wagner and our own Amanda Hicken. Whether you’re blogging on a personal blog or behalf of a brand, the webinar offered lots of useful tips to help you achieve the results you’re looking for from a blog.


When it comes to planning your media campaigns there are generally two types of outreach: when you have an announcement and when you have valuable expert commentary to offer on a topical event or issue. While these may be softer news topics – think back-to-school, holidays or tax season – they still dominate the attention of the media and consumers, and can be a great way to earn media...