Thanks to the web, PR audiences extend well beyond the media. Bloggers, forums and anyone with a social media account are now a target audience – but that also means the number of people who can shape public opinion are too many to schmooze over lunch or cocktails (although we’d certainly like to try!)


News has a much shorter life span than it had 15 years ago. The life cycle of information on the Web today is accelerating, making it difficult for reporters to decipher what is news through a tidal wave of information.


The summer of 2014 presented a relentless onslaught of devastating world events. It was the summer of horrific plane crashes, terrifying abductions, scary contagions and unthinkable acts of war played out repeatedly in the media and across social media platforms. It was a good summer for news – or, a bad summer for news, depending upon your perspective.


The 24-hour online news cycle means that it’s increasingly difficult to get your message across – on social media or through “traditional” PR pitches.


Publicly traded companies engaged in oil and gas activities are sure to be familiar with National Instruments 51-101 Standards of Disclosure for Oil and Gas Activities. N1 51-101 sets out the mandatory disclosure of reserves data and establishes standards for certain non-mandatory disclosure that reporting issuers may choose to make regarding oil and gas activities.


Whether you’re in an agency or on the client side; a marketer or a PR pro, in just about any industry, Twitter has become an essential component of many communications campaigns today. As a result, there is no shortage of tools out there that can help you with scheduling, monitoring and reporting. While you might be using paid or free dashboard tools to manage Twitter activity, there are a number...


Gone are the days of a la carte blog visits. Instead of bookmarking blogs to visit every day, social media sharing is the new driver of successful blogs and bloggers need to know how to engage new audiences on those terms.


With hundreds of network options leading to thousands of possible combinations, selecting the right network for your news release distribution can be overwhelming. Then why not just blast your release everywhere? Not so fast – targeting your release the right way can increase your pick-up potential and help you meet your goals and objectives.