As we zero-in on our next big, hot summer long-weekend, we wanted to share what Weber served up last month. The grill-masters showed they also knew how to offer up a perfect publicity campaign around Canada Day. Here are some of the things Weber nailed with their #CelebrateCanada Dock Party:


It’s hot outside. The only ice around is crushed and in your daiquiri. Santa’s elves are doing whatever it is they do in their downtime. You’re thinking about December if you’re in marketing or communications, though. At least you should be if you’re responsible for planning a year end or holiday campaign.

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Facebook is far and away the world’s biggest social network, so it has always been an important avenue for tracking social conversations about your brand. As people increasingly turn to social networks for purchasing decisions, it’s only becoming more important. One recent survey showed 71% of users trust the recommendations posted on Facebook, more than any other social media network....


Buzzwords appear seemingly out of nowhere and once they’ve settled in they can be hard to avoid.


Finding the perfect set of influencers for a PR campaign can be a shining moment. But how do you go about building a relationship with them? After all, PR is all about organic relationships built between an organization and its target audience. Follow these tips, and you’ll be on your way to building better blogger relationships.


Public relations professionals are now producing more content than ever. In today’s landscape the possibilities for written and multimedia content are endless. But the reality is all that news is only doing your organization good if people know about it – especially if the goal is media coverage. However, journalists now have more noise to cut through to find accurate, relevant and newsworthy...

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Communications and PR professionals attending the 2015 CPRS National Conference in Montreal from May 31-June 3 had a rare opportunity to peer into the future of our industry thanks to Julia Oosterman and Samantha Kemp-Jackson, both communicators at the Toronto Central Community Care Access Centre. Kemp-Jackson and Oosterman led an engaging – and humorous – session on the future of PR....


Huffington Post Canada’s Social Media Editor lives and breathes web content. After transitioning from print, where content would have to be shoehorned to fit the web, he’s finally in his native habitat at Huffpo. Read on to hear some of Ron’s observations on the shifting social media landscape and why we should be looking north for the next great story.