Let’s face it – at some point in all of our careers we’ve had to rely on a ‘good enough’ solution to get a job done. It may not be perfect, but it’s done and time to move on to the next task. There are times when this works, and others when it doesn’t – namely when it comes to staying abreast of breaking news stories relevant to your business and keeping...


Paid media has long been a controversial subject for many public relations professionals. Traditionally, PR relied heavily on earned media for delivering stories and driving brand awareness. CPRS Toronto's recent Paid Media in Public Relations event featured a panel of four Canadian communications experts who each shared best-practices for incorporating forms of paid media in their modern communication...


As the month comes to a close, we wanted to share some of the best content from around the web and here on Beyond the Wire. Here are a few of our favourite reads and CNW’s top performing blog posts for the month of April.


Blogs do a lot of heavy lifting in content marketing, but starting and maintaining one is just half the battle. The “build it and they will come” model of corporate blogging just doesn’t work. The world’s best efforts reach well beyond their respective firms and become legitimate information hubs for the general public. But, to make a top-tier corporate blog look as good and...


Do you ever feel like you need a math degree to make sense of all the data you have access to? From Twitter analytics to media monitoring scores, it can feel a little overwhelming.


Going from reporting in the field to polished and primped behind the anchor desk has been a dramatic shift for Dawna Friesen, anchor and executive editor for Global National. We recently had the chance to catch-up with Dawna and find out life as an anchor differs from foreign correspondence, how a typical day unfolds and the stories she thinks are underreported (and would love to work on!).


If it seems like you’re swimming in data these days, you’re not alone. More than ever, PR pros are turning to analytics to gain insight into current campaign performance, to help design new strategies or to measure end results. But are you using your charts and spreadsheets to your best advantage, or are the numbers distracting you from your real goals? In this two-part series, we asked...


You’ve created a fantastic transmedia communications campaign. It’s been unleashed on the wire, all of your corporate social channels and you’ve even crafted the perfect pitch for your media list. All the boxes are ticked for a successful campaign, right?